Todoist hadirkan integrasi dengan Amazon Echo dan Echo Dot

We’re excited to announce that Todoist is now integrated with Alexa! Alexa is the smart voice service that powers Amazon’s hands-free, voice-controlled Echo and Echo Dot devices. With this new integration, Alexa will help you add and remember your Todoist tasks from any room in your house without you ever having to reach for your phone.

Sebagai mantan pengguna Todoist, ini merupakan kabar gembira. Integrasi antara Todoist dengan Amazon Echo atau Echo Dot akan lebih jauh mempermudah untuk menambahkan daftar tugas ataupun mengetahui apa saja yang perlu dikerjakan. Seperti ini cara Todoist dan Amazon Echo atau Echo Dot bekerja:

  • All the Todoist tasks you have due today will be added to your Alexa To-do list each morning
  • All the tasks on your Alexa To-do list will be added to your Todoist inbox with today’s due date
  • All the tasks in your Todoist “Alexa Shopping List” project will automatically be added to your Alexa Shopping list, and vice versa
  • Any tasks you edit, complete, or delete in Todoist will be automatically updated on your Alexa To-do list, and vice versa

Sayangnya Amazon Echo atau Echo Dot belum tersedia di Indonesia. Sebagai penghuni negara dunia ketiga, sabar merupakan sebuah kewajiban.





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