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Kumpulan review Macbook Pro 2016 dengan Touch Bar

Bulan lalu Apple merilis 3 model Macbook Pro baru. Dua diantaranya memiliki Touch Bar yaitu sebuah layar retina display multi touch yang menggantikan barisan tombol Fn. Touch Bar dapat menampilkan beragam fungsi tombol tergantung dari jendela aplikasi yang sedang aktif.

Beberapa media mendapat kesempatan untuk mencoba Macbook Pro 2016 dengan Touch Bar. Mari kita simak beberapa review Macbook Pro 2016 dengan Touch Bar.

John Gruber via Daring Fireball:

The Touch Bar is also, clearly, a costly component, making the Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros more expensive. Price aside, the new MacBook Pro with the old-school function keys shouldn’t exist. But the Touch Bar won’t be expensive forever. It’s just so clear to me that these machines share the design ethos of the original MacBook Air. They’re designed for the future — the near future, I think — but until then, we’ll buy compatibility dongles and wait another year to see versions that support more than 16 GB of RAM.

There’s much griping about these machines now, just like there was much griping about the original Air then, but these are exactly the MacBooks I want Apple to be making — ones that show that the company is putting very hard work into every aspect of them. I’d be more worried about Apple’s commitment to the Mac if they did the easy thing — easier both technically and in terms of initial critical response — and just stuck a retina display in a MacBook Air and called it a day.

Joanna Stern di WSJ:

Touch ID. The biggest hardware advancement isn’t the Touch Bar, it’s the fingerprint sensor. Tapping the shiny black square is much speedier than punching in passwords.
Performance. In everyday use and in testing, I found that the processing power in the new 13-inch MacBook Pros wasn’t faster than their predecessors.
Today, though, it’s a dongle nightmare. Until the entire tech industry catches up, you’re stuck dragging around pricey, flimsy adapters to connect everything.

Beberapa poin dari review yang ditulis oleh Joanna mirip dengna pendapat saya akan Macbook Pro terbaru. Pertama, Touch Bar sebagai perangkat input baru belum mampu menunjukkan poin lebih dibandingkan dengan keyboard shorcut. Setidaknya untuk beberapa bulan ke depan sampai para pengembang mengupdate aplikasinya dengan dukungan terhadap Touch Bar. Kedua, Touch ID.

Selaras dengan apa yang ditulis oleh Joanna, Touch ID menawarkan kenyamanan serta keamanan lebih untuk membuka perangkat Apple. Mengetik password atau passcode menjadi jauh tidak menyenangkan setelah merasakan betapa mudahnya menggunakan Touch ID untuk membuka perangkat. Ketiga, port. Macbook Pro dengan Touch Bar membawa 4 port USB-C + Thunderbolt 3. Bukan sesuatu yang mengejutkan lagi ketika Apple menghilangkan teknologi yang dianggapnya sudah usang. Pengguna pun mau tak mau harus beradaptasi. Sayangnya, pada Macbook Pro 2016, Apple tidak mempermudah transisi tersebut dengan menyediakan setidaknya USB-C ke USB-A adapter.

Dengan performa mesin yang hampir sama dengan Macbook Pro generasi sebelumnya dan belum ada daya tarik lebih pada Touch Bar, saya belum memiliki cukup alasan untuk membelinya. Kalaupun diberikan pilihan, saya akan memilih Macbook Pro generasi sebelumnya namun dengan RAM 16GB dan SSD 512GB.

Review selanjutnya dari Jason Snell di Six Colors

The Touch Bar’s surface, while glass, looks different than Apple’s other displays. It’s been designed to match the matte surface of the keyboard’s keycaps. (It’s still reflective, but only at angles you won’t see while actually typing with the computer on a table or in your lap.) In terms of texture, the Touch Bar feels very much like the trackpad. Its brightness varies based on room conditions, with the ultimate goal of trying to match itself to the look of the keyboard. Basically, the Touch Bar is trying to blend in, not stand out.

There’s no way to control the brightness of the Touch Bar, but it does engage in some very specific power-saving behavior. When the MacBook Pro is idle for a little while, the display will dim. After a bit longer, it will shut off entirely. The moment you begin using the MacBook Pro again, it snaps back into life. But it’s not always on.

Brian Heater via TechCrunch:

The Touch Bar feels like a nice bonus for the time being. It’s a compelling new input device that has the potential to alter the way we interact with applications on a laptop. In this early stage, it’s a cool feature that further distinguishes the Pro from other similarly spec-ed laptops, proving most useful in the consumption and creation of media like video, audio and images — all part of the creative professional demographic that has long served as one of the company’s core user bases.

Thomas Grove Carter via Huffington Post:

First off, It’s really fast. I’ve been using the MacBook Pro with the new version of FCP X and cutting 5k ProRes material all week, it’s buttery smooth. No matter what you think the specs say, the fact is the software and hardware are so well integrated it tears strips off “superior spec’d” Windows counterparts in the real world.

The first revelation for me was the potential of sliders. Gradual, precise and fast inputs.

For years we’ve had single mouse inputs on a graphical user interface. Over time we’ve added more buttons and scroll wheels, trackpads with gestures. The Touch Bar takes this step further by allowing multiple inputs at the same time and combines well with the trackpad.

Jason Snell, Brian Heater dan Thomas Grove Carter sepakat bahwa kehadiran Touch Bar pada Macbook Pro terbaru menambah serangkaian cara input baru. Terlebih dengan kemampuan Touch Bar menampilkan tombol sesuai dengan aplikasi yang digunakan.

Meski demikian, bagi sebagian orang yang bekerja dengan mengetik pada keyboard, menggunakan Touch Bar saya yakin akan merusak flow pengetikan. Terlebih, bagi yang sudah hafal dengan keyboard shortcut pada Mac yang dimiliki. Tak perlu memindahkan tangan dari keyboard untuk menekan tombol tertentu di Touch Bar.

Saya masih ingin melihat bagaimana Apple mengembangkan Touch Bar sebagai perangkat input dalam satu atau dua tahun ke depan. Untuk sekarang, saya belum punya cukup alasan kuat untuk memboyong pulang Macbook Pro 2016 dengan Touch Bar.





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