WSJ: Baterai menjadi masalah utama meledaknya Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Dari Wall Street Journal:

After erecting labs with over 700 R&D staff to test 200,000 phones and over 30,000 batteries, Samsung has concluded that neither its hardware (including the screen and wireless charging unit) nor software was to blame. Instead, Samsung says the battery, created by two different suppliers who made them differently, had issues.

Battery A had a design issue. The CliffsNotes version: There wasn’t enough room inside the battery for routine expansion of its component electrodes.

Battery B had a welding issue caused by a manufacturing defect, which didn’t appear until production ramped up after Battery A was pulled from the market. The resulting microscopic burrs poked through barriers inside the battery.

Kedepannya, Samsung akan menjalankan 8 langkah kontrol kualitas terhadap batere di smartphone selanjutnya. Termasuk penyinaran X-ray untuk mendeteksi keabnormalan di dalam batere serta simulasi penggunaan selama dua minggu.






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