Mac dengan FaceID?

Ada satu hal yang menarik dari informasi seputar rumor AirPods 2 dan AirPower dari halaman MySmartPrice.

Apple ternyata tengah menguji coba komputer Mac dengan fitur Face ID dan layar sentuh.

Dari MySmartPrice

In addition to the new AirPods 2, Apple is currently testing Macs with Face ID as well as touchscreen displays. However, you shouldn’t expect a new Mac with Face ID to launch anytime soon. The current prototypes with Face ID and touchscreen are only meant for internal testing.

Mac dengan Face ID mungkin sebuah peningkatan yang bagus. Tinggal buka, authenticate, done.

Tapi Mac dengan layar sentuh? Please, no. It’s easier using mouse or trackpad to click on something than lifting hand to touch on the screen.






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