Why Your Phone Dies When It Claims to Have Battery Left


One way to understand some of the electrical concepts happening inside your phone is to use the analogy of an opaque water barrel, where the water it contains represents the power a battery can hold. (Visualizing water flows is a lot easier than trying to imagine invisible electrons.) Because you can’t see inside the barrel and, for our purposes, you can’t measure its contents on a scale, you need an indirect way to figure out how full the barrel is. If you open the spigot at the bottom of the barrel and water shoots out with force, you know the barrel is pretty full. Likewise, a steady but less forceful stream might tell you that the barrel is filled to somewhere in the middle, and a trickle would tell you it’s almost empty.


Jika kamu penasaran mengapa iPhone atau iPad tiba-tiba mati padahal batere masih 25%, WireCutter punya penjelasan yang menarik dengan analogi sebuah tong air. WireCutter juga menjelaskan mengapa batere dari smartphone yang sudah lama lebih cepat habis walaupun telah diiisi dayanya hingga penuh. Analogi lemari es dengan kristal es saya rasa cukup pas untuk menggambarkannya. Jadi, ada banyak faktor yang mempengaruhi umur batere iPhone dan iPad. Tak terkecuali, faktor kebiasaan pengguna.





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