The Mac mini Family Tree

Stephen Hackett via Macstories:

Currently, the Late 2014 Mac mini is the newest model available. While it may look like the 2011 and 2012 machines, Apple made several changes that have made its smallest Mac noticeably worse:

  • The RAM is no longer upgradable. That bottom panel still comes off, but underneath is just a sheet of metal. Even if it was easy to get to, the memory is soldered to the logic board.

  • There is no longer a quad-core model, even as a build-to-order option. It’s dual-core all the way.

  • The second 2.5-inch drive bay has been removed. Putting in a second drive just isn’t an option anymore.

Bagi yang ingin mencoba sistem operasi macOS namun budget pas-pasan, Mac mini adalah pilihan yang tepat. Sayangnya, Apple sudah lama sekali tidak mengeluarkan pembaruannya. Let’s see, if Apple would introduce new Mac mini this year. I think they should.





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