Sebuah cerita tentang AirPods

Casey Liss:

I happened to wake up at around 11:30, and at that point figured I may as well stay up to see the ball drop. I quietly grabbed my phone, started my Slingbox and tuned it to ABC. When the time came for the ball to drop, I wanted Erin and I to share the moment, but that would be hard without disturbing the sleeping toddler between us.

Luckily, I had a solution.

With about a minute to go, I opened up my AirPods, ensured they were connected to my iPhone, woke Erin up, and handed her one. She popped in the left, me the right, and we were able to share New Year’s together. We did so silently, with Declan sleeping between us, none the wiser.

Saya membayangkan betapa AirPods dapat sangat berguna untuk membagi lagu dengan teman atau pasangan dalam situasi tertentu. Saya sering melihat orang berbagi headset atau EarPods. Kabel yang menjuntai sering menjadi persoalan. Belum lagi kalau headset atau EarPods yang digunakan tak sengaja tertarik dan lepas.

Kalau boleh saya bilang, AirPods kini menjadi earbuds wireless terbaik yang bisa kamu miliki sekarang ini. Ya, meski kamu tidak menggunakan perangkat Apple sekalipun.






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