Rahasia dibalik playlist rekomendasi di Apple Music

Laporan Reggie Ugwu tentang Apple Music di Buzzfeed memberi sedikit informasi tentang bagaimana Apple berhasil menyuguhkan dua playlist yang dipersonalisasi pada iOS 10. Dari laporannya:

The other big change is the addition of two new personalized playlists: My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix. The playlists are generated by algorithms, a first for the service, which has largely relied on human curation for its playlists up to this point. Revealing how the mixes operate for the first time to BuzzFeed News, Apple claimed a potential advantage over similar algorithmically personalized playlists, including Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Pandora’s Thumbprint Radio: deep historical knowledge of individual users’ tastes and habits, based on years of data carried over from iTunes.

If you gave high ratings to a song or album in your old iTunes library, or just played it a lot more than others, you’ll find that behavior reflected in your My Favorites Mix. Meanwhile, the My New Music Mix algorithm serves recently released songs — as well as songs that Apple Music knows you haven’t played before — that the service’s music experts have flagged as similar to others in your taste profile. Apple Music executives suggested even more personalized playlists will follow in the series; but only after prototypes have been vetted, with all possible outcomes — intentional and otherwise — given careful consideration.

Kalau kamu pengguna Apple Music, sadar atau tidak kini terdapat dua playlist rekomendasi baru yang tab For You, My Favorites Mix dan My New Music Mix. Keduanya menyuguhkan lagu-lagu rekomendasi yang sesuai dengan selera dan lagu yang pernah kamu dengar. Sudah coba?





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