Kumpulan Review iPhone XS dan iPhone XS Max

Apple telah merilis iPhone terbaru bernama iPhone XS dan iPhone XS Max. Kedua iPhone tersebut mengusung desain mirip iPhone X dengan poni dan layar penuh. Upgrade yang diberikan ada pada kamera dan chip A12 Bionic yang lebih cepat, mumpuni dan menggunakan fabrikasi 7nm. Masa pre-order iPhone XS dan XS Max dimulai hari Jum’at yang lalu.

Beberapa media, blogger dan Youtuber yang kebagaian unit review baru saja merilis pengalaman mereka menggunakan kedua iPhone terbaru. Berikut adalah ringkasan review iPhone XS dan iPhone XS Max yang berhasil saya kumpulkan.

Review iPhone XS dan iPhone XS Max dari The Verge

Menurut The Verge, kamera iPhone XS lebih baik dibandingkan dengan iPhone X.

The new Smart HDR feature lets the iPhone XS generally take far better photos than the iPhone X. They’re brighter, they’re better in low light, they have more detail, you name it. Over the past year, I’ve become less and less impressed with the iPhone X camera, and the iPhone XS is a solid improvement.

Meski demikian, kamera iPhone XS masih belum yang terbaik menurut The Verge. Jika dibandingkan dengan Pixel 2, detail yang ditangkap oleh iPhone XS jauh lebih sedikit.

But Smart HDR is extremely aggressive — overly so, to my eye. It flattens out contrast in images and consistently smooths detail out of photos. You can see it clearly when you zoom in to a 100 percent crop of the same photo taken on the Pixel 2 and the iPhone XS: the Pixel captures more detail, while the iPhone tends to smooth it out. This loss of detail is the thing that bothered me the most about the iPhone X camera, and while the iPhone XS is better, the smoothing still disappoints me every time I see it.

Warna foto yang ditangkap oleh iPhone XS juga lebih hangat dibandingkan Pixel. Tentunya hal ini tergantung perspektif dan preferensi pribadi pengguna.

Loss of detail is one thing, but there are some subjective things I prefer about the Pixel 2 as well: the XS shoots extremely warm photos, while the Pixel is more true to life, if a little muddier in the reds. Pixel 2 photos are extremely contrasty and somewhat desaturated, which I like but some people find harsh. This is all part of an age-old battle between what’s accurate and what people like to look at, and there’s really no right answer.

Beralih ke baterai, selama review, iPhone XS Max mampu bertahan hingga 12 jam.

The A12 is also the industry’s first 7nm chip to ship at scale, which is a big deal for a variety of reasons, particularly battery life. I mostly tested the XS Max, and it did great — better than even Apple’s claim of 90 minutes more than the X. In fact, I got a full 12 hours of battery life out of the XS Max without low power mode, and that’s even under my heavy daily use of constant Slack and email, video watching, photo taking, and browsing. The smaller XS is rated to get 30 minutes more than the X, which has run for about eight hours for me this past year. It’s solid.

Video review iPhone XS dan XS Max dari The Verge

Review iPhone XS dan iPhone XS Max dari John Gruber via Daring Fireball

John Gruber melalui Daring Fireball juga mengulas keunggulan kamera iPhone XS dibanding generasi sebelumnya. iPhone XS mampu mengambil foto lebih baik di kondisi minim cahaya atau backlight sekalipun. Produksi foto yang bagus tak terlepas dari chip Neural Engine. Apple menyebutnya sebagai Computational photography. Gabungan antara fotografi dengan machine learning untuk hasil gambar yang lebih baik.

My takeaway is that the Neural Engine really is a big fucking deal for photography and video. Supposedly, it’s just as big a deal for AR, but the camera has been my obsessive focus this past week. For users, it’s a big fucking deal because it has a dramatic, practical, real-time effect on the quality of the photos and videos they can shoot.
With the iPhone XS and Apple Neural Engine, the input isn’t an image, it’s the data right off the sensors. It’s really kind of nuts how fast the iPhone XS camera is doing things in the midst of capturing a single image or frame of video.

Kalau kamu pilih menonton video dibandingkan membaca artikel review iPhone XS, MKBHD sudah merilis video review iPhone XS di channel Youtubenya.





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