iPhone 7 dengan headphone jack? Ada!

Masih ingat dengan Scotty Allen, software enginner berbasis di Shenzen, Tiongkok yang merakit iPhonenya sendiri? Kali ini Scotty Allen kembali dengan proyek baru yaitu menambahkan colokan headphone di iPhone 7. Diwartakan oleh Jason Koebler via Motherboard, Allen berusaha membuktikan bahwa ternyata Apple seharusnya bisa membuat iPhone 7 dengan colokan audio. Dari Motherboard:

I Skyped Allen a minute later, and he was soon plugging headphones—normal, 3.5 mm headphones—into a DIY headphone jack on the side of what was undeniably an iPhone 7. No dongle. The headphones worked. The phone recognized the earbuds and I watched him control the volume using the headphone buttons. He held the headphones to his laptop’s speakers and I heard music playing. He then plugged a lightning cable into the phone, and it started charging. Voila.

“My biggest concern is proving to people that it does work,” Allen told me.

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