Consumer Report kembali rekomendasikan Macbook Pro 2016

Consumer Report beberapa waktu yang lalu merilis sebuah laporan mengenai inkonsistensi ketahanan baterai Macbook Pro 2016. Hal ini menyebabkan laptop terbaru dari Apple tersebut tidak direkomendasikan untuk dibeli. Setelah melakukan komunikasi dengan Apple dan melakukan pengetesan ulang. Hasilnya, Macbook Pro mendapat rekomendasi dari Consumer Report dengan daya tahan batere lebih dari 10 jam. Dari halaman webnya:

The three MacBook Pros in our labs include two 13-inch models, one with Apple’s new Touch Bar and one without the Touch Bar; and a 15-inch model. (All 15-inch MacBook Pros come with the Touch Bar.) The new average battery-life results are, in order, 15.75 hours, 18.75 hours, and 17.25 hours. We bought the three computers at retail, as we do with other products rated by Consumer Reports, to ensure that we are testing the same models a consumer would buy.

Apple’s updated software is available through Apple’s Beta Software Program now, and will be rolled out in a full Software Update to all users in several weeks. According to Apple, the new software fixes a bug in Safari that caused the poor battery-life results in Consumer Reports testing.





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