Apple akuisisi Buddybuild

Brian Heater melaporkan dari Techcrunch:

Apple confirmed the acquisition directly to us, and the startup also noted the move in a blog post this afternoon.

No financial terms have been disclosed for the deal. Apple tells TechCrunch that the team (currently employing around 40 or so engineers) will stay put in BC, a fact that the startup celebrated by noting that it’s “always been proud to be a Canadian company.” 

As part of the acquisition, Buddybuild will be rolled into Xcode, Apple’s suite of development tools for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, although Apple and Buddybuild have not given a specific timeline of when that will happen. 

Diharapkan dengan bergabungnya Buddybuild, yang sebelumnya menyediakan layanan continous integration dan debugging tools, Apple dapat mempermudah pekerjaan para pengembang aplikasi di ekosistemnya dalam beriterasi.





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