3D Touch, apa itu?

Sejak diluncurkan oleh Apple 4 tahun yang lalu, 3D Touch jarang sekali mendapat perhatian atau update. Ketiadaan indikator tombol atau elemen visual antar muka menjadi masalah utama pengguna jarang menggunakan 3D Touch. Bahkan untuk tech savvy sekalipun.

Discoverability menjadi hal utama 3D Touch dan Apple seharusnya segera mengatasi hal ini. Melalui tulisan di Medium, desainer Eliz Kılıç memberikan pendapat bagaimana Apple dapat membuat 3D Touch lebih mudah dikenali.

3D Touch is broken! The user experience is far from great. Apple introduced 3D Touch and its new related interactions Peek and Pop in 2014. It’s been almost 4 years since its first introduction, yet people don’t know/use 3D Touch. Why would they? Even tech-savvy users don’t know which buttons offer 3D touch. Let alone regular users.

Now that we know what the problem is, here is my solution. Like we did with the link texts years ago on the web, we should visually distinguish 3D Touchable buttons. Look at this same screen and see if you can tell which toggles accept 3D Touch.

Do you even use 3D Touch?






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