HP legendaris Nokia 3310 itu hadir kembali di 2017

Tom Warren di The Verge:

Like its predecessor, it will still be called the Nokia 3310, but this time it’s running Nokia’s Series 30+ software, with a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera, and even a microSD slot.

Ya, handphone legendaris dari Nokia itu hadir lagi di 2017. Dibuat oleh HMD, Nokia 3310 akan dibanderol dengan harga kisaran $59 USD atau sekitar 700ribuan dan tersedia di kuartal kedua mendatang. Oh dan tentu saja, kamu bisa bermain Snake di Nokia 3310 ini.

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone catches fire on Southwest plane

Dari The Verge:

Green said that he had powered down the phone as requested by the flight crew and put it in his pocket when it began smoking. He dropped it on the floor of the plane and a “thick grey-green angry smoke” was pouring out of the device. Green’s colleague went back onto the plane to retrieve some personal belongings and said that the phone had burned through the carpet and scorched the subfloor of the plane

This really, really bad year for Samsung